brut rosé


DOC spumante modena

Where to buy
Who I am

I introduce myself delicately but I am bold and complex. I like being refined, fresh with a fine and persistent perlage.

The fragrance

I have a range of clear and aromatic scents that make me seductive and refined.


production area

Modena hills



  • Grapes: Grasparossa
  • To serve at: 8 - 9 °C | 46 - 48° F
  • Gradation: 12%


production area

I combine the joy of being with people with the attention of the particular. The grapes are harvested and immediately brought in winemaking. The berries are opened: juice and skins remain in the press for a few hours at a very cool temperature. The sparkling process follows a slow and very prolonged process which gives an elegant, fine and fragrant perlage.

To wrap it up

I am LINK the Mascot of Ferro13. Hacker, Nerd, Hashtag, Hipster, Gentleman are my friends. I am fresh, lively and seductive.

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