Vermouth di Torino

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Who I am

I am a Vermouth di Torino in which the wine, the result of the union of #Hashtag and Gentleman, is the protagonist with its varietal notes, in perfect Ferro13 style.

The fragrance

They appreciate me for my unique personality and the scent of small red fruits, citrus and a subtle spiciness.


production area

Sauvignon from Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto. Pinot Noir from the Pavesi Hills.



  • Grapes: Suvignon Blanc & Pinot Nero
  • Serve at: 16° C - 60 ° F
  • Alcohol: 17% Vol.

Nutritional value and disposal

Informations about nutritional value and the product disposal.

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production area

I have an aristocratic nature, my grapes are harvested and vinified in the Burgundy style. I stay in contact with the yeasts for a long time before embarking on the journey that transforms me into Vermouth. The ancient Piedmontese art of dosing Artemisia Absinthum together with other herbs and wine, allows me to rest for a long time before arriving in the bottle.

To wrap it up

I am OLD and my name hides a double truth made of friendship and memories. I am dynamic and multifaceted, reflective and impulsive, a continuous evolution.

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