Pinot Grigio


Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

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Who I am

Cosmopolitan, globe-trotter, I have an international vision of the world, I don't follow fashions but I anticipate trends, I have a unique style and an unmistakable identity. Unconventional details distinguish me.

The fragrance

I am balanced, fruity and stimulating. With elegance I remember hints of white melon and grapefruit letting myself be carried away by the memory of a flowery meadow.


production area

Veneto and Friuli. Harvest: at the end of August



  • Grapes: Pinot Grigio
  • Serve at: 8°/10°C - 48°/50°F
  • Alcohol: 12,0% Vol

Nutritional value and disposal

Informations about nutritional value and the product disposal.

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production area

My grapes are harvested at a low temperature and kept in cold maceration for a few days. After pressing, when they are still must, ferment at temperatures no higher than 14 ° C for the entire duration of the vinification. Rest on the lees for a long time. After the assembly rest before reaching the bottle.

To wrap it up

I am the female essence of wine, a tribute to women, to their charm, beauty, and elegance...

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