Puglia IGT

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Who I am

I am a mix of traditions and cultures, my style effortlessly combines t-shirt, sneakers and hat with my always neat mustache. I can be open and mysterious at the same time.

The fragrance

It is complex, reminiscent of hints of red berry fruit and currant, and notes of pepper and spices.


production area

Born in the wonderful Puglia, where Messapi, Romans laid the foundations to develop one of the most fascinating cultures of the Mediterranean.



  • Grapes: Negroamaro
  • Serve at: 16°/18°C - 60°/64°F
  • Alcohol: 13% Vol.

Nutritional value and disposal

Informations about nutritional value and the product disposal.

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production area

I draw on different sources and I manage to make them coexist in the best way. The grape harvest takes place in several stages. The first harvest is carried out at full aromatic maturity to give integrity and typicality. The second harvest takes place in over-ripening. The vinification takes place separately for each single harvest and maturation. After blending, rest for a period in the tank before bottling.

To wrap it up

I am the alter ego of Gabriele Stringa, the creative of the group. I am a synthesis of the past and future, expression of an international culture that has chosen beards and moustaches as its defining symbols.

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