Nero d'Avola


Sicilia DOC

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Who I am

Apparently soft, I reveal a strong and decisive character, they appreciate me precisely for this identity and precise personality.

The fragrance

My perfume recalls floral and spicy notes of anise and cinnamon.


production area

In Sicily with vineyards in the soils of the Ibleo foreland, in volcanic rocks and in rocks of the Apennine-Maghrebid chain. Harvest: September



  • Grapes: Nero d'Avola
  • Serve ate: 16°/18°C - 60°/64°F
  • Alcohol: 14% Vol.

Nutritional value and disposal

Informations about nutritional value and the product disposal.

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production area

My analytical skills are the result of experience and character. The grapes are pre-macerated to delicately transfer the aromas and colors and vinified separately to preserve the characteristics of each plot. The final character is emphasized by the long stay in steel

To wrap it up

I am the alter ego of Alberto Buratto, the analytical numbers man. Born in Veneto but adopted by Sicily for 15 years.

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