Pinot Nero


Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese DOC

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Who I am

I prefer a classic and elegant style, suit and tie always also in the vineyard. I'm not exuberant, I prefer to be discovered little by little.

The fragrance

They appreciate me for my unique personality and for the scent that recalls notes of red fruits and currants.


production area

Pavia hills. Harvest: second ten days of September



  • Grapes: Pinot Nero
  • Serve at: 16°/18° C - 60°/64° F
  • Alcohol: 12,5% Vol.

Nutritional value and disposal

Informations about nutritional value and the product disposal.

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production area

A Gentleman can only have a classic training with strong points of reference. Then, vinification in Burgundy style, in conical wooden vats of 30 quintals each, at an uncontrolled temperature. It is a slow and precise vinification and the techniques of delestage and batonage allow me to carry out the malolactic fermentation at the same time. After racking, the rest is left to refine on the lees for about 9 months.

To wrap it up

I am the alter ego of winemaker Marco Bernabei and living proof that Gentlemen do still exist: polite, respectful and coherent in their personal lives and at work.

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